Candidate Referral Policy

What is it?

Richmond Capital frequently receives great referrals from our network and are appreciative to those who enable us to connect further with great talent. As a token of our appreciation, we are pleased from the effective date of these terms and conditions to reward those who refer us, business contacts, friends, colleagues etc. who are not already registered (or in the process of being registered) or in contact in any way with Richmond Capital (“Potential Candidates”), providing we are then able to place those Potential Candidates with a new employer within the Referral Period and subject to the following terms and conditions.

In this policy document, outlining our “Referral Scheme”, the following definitions are used:

  • The “Referral Date” is considered the date the referral (as detailed below) was made of the
    Potential Candidate to Richmond Capital.
  •  The “Referral Period” is 24 months from the Referral Date.
  •  The “Referral Bonus” is £250 worth of gift vouchers at a retailer of your choice (subject to
    availability from certain retailers).
  • The “Referral Confirmation Email” is an email sent from Richmond Capital to the referrer confirming that a Referral Bonus is payable.

How does it work?

If you know someone who you think would be suitable for a role we are recruiting for, or know someone who would be interested in discussing their options in the current market, please feel free to seek their consent and refer them to us. Alternatively, direct them to make contact with us and ensure they provide your name as a referee.

Referrals can be made via submission on our website, over LinkedIn, via email, on the phone, or through other communications as appropriate. For practicality and record keeping purposes, it is always preferred that referrals are received via email or through the website. Once the referral is submitted, we make a note internally of the details of the Potential Candidate, the referrer’s details and the Referral Date.

If and when we place the Potential Candidate with a new employer and they then successfully completes 12 weeks at that new employer within the Referral Period; and provided that the new employer pays Richmond Capital the commission due for such a placement (“Successful Placement”), we will send you a Referral Confirmation Email to confirm you are eligible for a Referral Bonus. 

There is no cap on the number of referrals that can be made. Referral Bonuses will be paid for each  and every eligible referral that results in a Successful Placement with our clients, in accordance with these terms and conditions.

We encourage you to check our open positions and consider your social networks and external networks to evaluate if you have any candidates to refer.

    Conditions and who can be referred?

    We have set conditions for Potential Candidates who can qualify you for a Referral Bonus. The candidate should:

    • Be at least 18 years of age and known to the referrer;
    • Be joining a role with a salary of more than £20K per annum and within the Referral Period;
    • Have not have previously spoken with, or engaged with Richmond Capital in any respect
    • Be hired as permanent full time employees or be a contract employee filling a role for at least 12 months; and
    • They must have provided you with prior permission to share their contact details.

    What will you get as a Referral Bonus and how much will you get?

    Our standard Referral Bonus in accordance with and subject to the above terms and conditions is £250 worth of gift vouchers at a retailer of your choice for each successful placement.

    We may provide increased referral bonuses for harder-to fill roles, as evaluated by our internal team. Increased bonus levels may carry a value of either £500 or £750 worth of gift vouchers at a retailer of your choice and any such increase in the value of the bonus value shall be in the sole discretion of Richmond Capital. All decisions as to the value of the bonus shall be final. The value you will receive will be confirmed by us at in the Referral Confirmation Email.

    We will contact you after the Potential Candidate has completed a Successful Placement with a Referral Confirmation Email so you can choose the retailer you would like the vouchers to be for. Richmond Capital will endeavour to provide vouchers for that retailer. Should we not be able to provide vouchers for your preferred outlet we will ask you to confirm a suitable alternative choice.

    We will also ask you at this point to confirm a postal address or an email address where we can send the vouchers to. We will send you the vouchers within 14 days of receiving confirmation of your address.

      Further Conditions and Exclusions?

      • Richmond Capital reserves the right to amend this policy without notice or announcement from time to time so you should ensure that you keep up to date by visiting
      • All decisions made by Richmond Capital in evaluating eligibility are final.
      • No cash alternative to the vouchers are available.
      • If you do not want a voucher as a Referral Reward we would be pleased to donate the value of the voucher to one of our preferred charities from time to time and, at the date of this policy as being, LittleLifts, Le Cure, or split the money between them as preferred by you.
      •  If two or more individuals refer the same Potential Candidate, only the first person who referred the Potential Candidate will have the chance to receive a Referral Bonus as determined by the Referral Date on record and provided that such a Potential Candidate goes on to complete a Successful Placement within the Referral Period.
      • Referral Bonuses will only be paid if Richmond Capital places the candidate within the Referral Period.
      • If the referred candidate leaves the Client within and including their 12th week no Referral Bonus will be paid. The Potential Candidate has to successfully complete this 12 week window and remain employed for the start of their 13th week for the referrer to qualify for a Referral Bonus.
      Richmond Capital: Version effective and in place from 20th June 2022

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